You’re our top priority. Now, how can we make you feel even more important?

We’ve all heard this before: a company wants you to know they care about customer satisfaction. Okay, whatever. But Premier Polymers president Robert May has a message for those who have become utterly jaded by corporate speak and sales-y rhetoric: we actually mean it—and are acting on it with an in-depth survey that is our sincere, open invitation to say exactly what’s on your mind. Love something we do? Great. Don’t like something we do? We want to know that, too.

Premier Polymers wants to know what you want, what we could do better to help you succeed, what products you would like us to carry, and what matters to you most—the bottom line: we want to make you a happier customer. Of course, all comments are anonymous.

Premier Polymers also wants you to know that they value your time. All those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing to receive a $250 gift certificate for the hotel chain of your choice or we will donate to the charity of your choice.


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