Welcome to Premier Perspectives

I’m proud to introduce Premier Polymers blog: Premier Perspectives. Our new website and blog represent a milestone in our rapid growth as we continue to be recognized as an emerging leader in plastic resin distribution service. It’s a place where our customers can learn about our industry’s latest innovations and trends, and also a place where you can get know us better as a company.

Along with our full line of Polyolefin and Styrenics resins, we want to provide something just as important: a distinct point of view. We have a vision for what service should be, and values that we live and breathe every day. Here’s a closer look at these values and what they mean to us.

“Responsive” means an actual response.

For us, responsive means you get what you need, when you need it—it’s that simple. We do this by becoming an extension of our customers’ organizations, exceeding expectations by responding to our partners’ needs swiftly and reliably. When you say jump, we don’t need to ask how high—for us, it’s a given that you deserve exceptional service.

The right aptitude. The right attitude.

Our unique polymer formula? Expertise in distribution. And a team that takes great service seriously. Yeah, we’re go-getters: and our focus is you. People like working with us for a lot of reasons. But mostly, it’s because we get the job done right.

Until it’s earned, trust is just a word.

We never take for granted the reputation we’ve earned as a trusted supplier. To us, it’s something you commit yourself to every day—no resting on laurels around here—it’s show up, be there for every customer, ready to do whatever it takes every single day.

Flexibility is knowing there’s always a way.

It’s easy to say you’re flexible: doing it is harder. It means a commitment to go the extra mile for every customer and demonstrate devotion every day to building quality relationships with customers. With an extensive product line and warehouses across the U.S. and Canada, we offer the flexibility that can help you get your products to market fast.