Premier Polymers and Teel Plastics: a working model for working together.

Sometimes it’s helpful to be reminded of things we already know. So let’s take a closer look at a concept we’re all familiar with: Synergy. It’s defined as a state in which people work together in a fruitful way that produces an effect greater than the sum of its parts. This is important when your success depends on the quality of your business relationships. But what makes it work? And how does a company achieve this with its suppliers and partners?

We believe it starts with getting on the same page. “When you have mutual values, similar goals, and are passionate about what you do, it’s easier to find ways to enhance the way you work together that create both efficiencies and mutual trust,” says Premier Polymers President, Robert May. Think of how bands jam: A drummer lays down a great groove. The bass player responds with killer descending bass line. The other band members feed off this energy, and the next thing you know, everyone’s on the dance floor.

Let’s now transpose this to the world of plastics. Teel Plastics, Inc. is a globally recognized specialist in custom extruded plastic products. They process more than fifty different plastic resins into a variety of products across dozens of different industries and markets, and were recently named one of the Top 25 World Class Plastic Processors by Plastics Technology Magazine and was awarded the 28th Annual Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award. As a preferred vendor for Teel Plastics, Premier Polymers believes their working relationship with them exemplifies this kind of synergy.

Because Teel Plastics, Inc. works in many sectors (fiber optics, water filtration, water treatment, cosmetics, automotive, medical and healthcare, pharmaceutical, lawn and garden, oil and gas and others) it’s critical for them to partner with someone who understands their applications and their challenges.

When working with a company that possesses such a broad scope of products and knowledge, you have to bring more to the table. Teel Plastics, Inc. has great technical expertise, knowledge of materials, and highly specialized equipment. They’re not the kind company that just needs resin orders filled. In this case, achieving synergy is more about complementing their expertise and strengths.

Synergistic business relationships encourage collaboration, which in turn, accelerates innovation.
Teel Plastics, Inc. requires a partner with a deep understanding of their material properties and end-use performance requirements, processing equipment, and the ability to translate that into the right product combinations. Premier Polymers works closely with Teel Plastics to match the right products with the most desirable physical properties, process-ability and value. This is why, despite their extensive knowledge and capabilities, Teel Plastics, Inc. looks to Premier Polymers for new approaches and innovative solutions.

Another aspect of synergy is a cultural fit. Like us, Teel Plastics, Inc. is a company of go-getters. They’re always looking ahead, always on the move, exploring new opportunities and expanding their capabilities, and always willing to take on challenges that other companies don’t. Premier Polymers shares this willingness to solve problems and to take on any new challenges our customers bring to us. To achieve this kind of synergy with your clients, find that common ground—what you do well, what they do well, and how you can complement each other’s efforts.